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The guide you’ve been seeking


Many young ladies are finding that college is devastating their faith, fidelity, and finances.

But what higher education is better than college? Is it even possible to attain success without a college degree?

Chucking College is a book that breaks implied boundaries, cultural stereotypes and ivory-tower strongholds of thought that have until now been untouchable. Refreshingly daring conclusions reveal how to become successful without the corruption of the college environment. Discover how to respond positively to negative comments and pressure from those who insist college is the only way to success.


Learn how to skip college and design your own higher educational experience through practical steps, such as:

• Launching entrepreneurial ventures

  1. Tailoring your own advanced education

  2. Developing skills through specialized apprenticeships

  3. Discovering your ideal vocation and finding creative ways to pursue it without a degree

Read Chucking College: Achieving Success Without Corruption to discover how skipping college may be the best educational decision you ever make.

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